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Lindy Hop has it’s own fashion style. Wearing vintage-inspired clothes makes you feel and dance differently. Now, there is a ton of beautiful evening, dress-up wear out there, but you wouldn’t necessarily wear them in class, at a practice, or during a workshop day.

Casually Fancy is all about training clothes. Comfortable, durable, yet so stylish! They fit any movement: accentuate your swivel, look badass in your swingouts, be comfy and safe in aerials. They are slightly elastic so you can easily stretch, and they don’t mind going down on the ground for some warm-up fitness or cool-down floor work.

This is all great! Where can I buy them you might ask yourself?

We are at the final stages of production, we’ve already had the first test batch of women’s pants produced in a factory in Budapest with the help of local Lindy hoppers. We are now finalizing the design based on the first feedbacks and start producing the pants in various sizes and higher quantities.

Fill the form bellow to get a message when the clothes are ready for order. This is in no way binding, it is just to let us know that you are interested and what size would be best for you. Once we have the first batch out of production, you’ll be the first to know.


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Feel free to add any types of clothing for Swing dancers that you might be interested in

We have some samples with us at every workshop we visit. We love it if you ask us about them and perhaps even try a pair and give us your feedback.

Please check the list of upcoming events where you can try the pants.

Thank you for showing interest in Casually Fancy clothes!

Swingingly yours,

Katja, Dora and Ali and the Casually Fancy team